We have a farm of our own with strawberry and raspberry plants on a total area of 10 hectares. Our farm is located in the Northern Maritsa valley just below the slopes of the National Park of the Rila Mountains – the highest mountain range in the Balkan Peninsula. The climate and the favourable location of the plantations allow us to obtain good harvests of high quality fruit with optimum flavour.

Since August 2004, our farm has been officially certified as an organic farm. Our Certificate is No. 23353 from the Swiss Institute for Marketecology IMO.

We are extremely conscious of the raw material quality problems sometimes experienced by users of frozen fruit products, both conventional and organic. Quality is our main objective and is assured by careful expert personal supervision at every stage of the soil preparation, growth, harvesting and processing.  Our fruit produced by us is IQF (individually quick- frozen) and till now all of our production was exported to Great Britain according to contracts with our customers.

During the last 2 years we have enlarged our plantation, respectively the manufacture of frozen fruits, and now we will be able to offer for sale our additional quantities.

Varieties of Strawberries and Raspberries we grow are as follow:

Strawberries: Senga Sengana; Seneca; Siabella

Their harvest is normally during the last week of May and the first week of June.

Raspberries: Lulin variety (this is the Bulgarian variant of the well known variety Heritage).

Their harvest starts at the end of July and continues for several months.

We are also able to supply on request frozen conventional Raspberries (Lulin variety) and Strawberries (Siabella) as a result of special arrangements with certain local growers.

We are in the process of installing facilities for production of freeze-dried whole fruit, since much freeze-dried fruit is not whole and we feel that high-quality whole fruit would be very useful for certain customers.

If any of these items are of interest we would be only too happy to send to you specifications and other information you need.

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