History 2003

Our first main problem occurred:
In Bulgaria, there still were no certified manufacturers of planting material for strawberries and raspberries.
It was necesary to use parts of the field to create our own nursery. Therefor we bought elite plants with conventional quality.
By year 2004, we already had our own IMO certified bio-seedlings.
The main part of the fields was prepared for the planting of the raspberries during spring and for the strawberries during autumn.
Furthermore we have constructed the most suitable for our terrain watering system, the drip Irrigation system.
The fields are fertelized traditionaly, using natural fertilizer, bought from the local private cow-farms. (We used the traditional fertilization method using natural fertilizer, bought from the local private cow-farms.)
At late autumn, we were delighted, that we had already gathered several hundred kilograms of “Lulin” raspberries.
IMO awarded us with the certificate “Farm in process”, which showed the correctness of our work up to that moment.

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